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People assign different values to different things. For instance, one might value his or her car over his or her house while another might consider his or her house the most important thing in his or her life. Whatever the case, we all have something that we cherish and keeping these cherished belongings safe is something a lot of us aim for with varying degrees of success.


Then again, one supposes that the invention of the lock changed a lot of things during its time as, from then on, people could keep their cherished belongings in a safe place without having to worry about them. Indeed the introduction of locks and locksmiths probably changed a lot of things in the world when they were invented. The wealthier members of society no longer needed to hire so many guards (some of whom were probably just as suspicious) or find clever hiding places. Indeed, a relatively simple device (at least at the time) was all they really needed.


History of the Lock

Locks have been around since the time of the Assyrians, one of the earliest known civilizations in the world. More specifically, the first one was found in Nineveh Assyria’s capital, yes that Nineveh, as those familiar with the Christian Bible can identify as where Noah (the guy who got swallowed by the whale) went to and attempted to get its people to repent for their sins. Anyway, asides from that tidbit, the wooden lock mechanisms of Assyria became so popular that it quickly spread to other civilizations.


Ancient Egypt was among these civilizations who would take well to the invention of the lock and key.

As such, these simple mechanisms were nonetheless effective as they were almost impossible to open with the right key. Of course, being made of wood, they were still vulnerable to determined individuals.

Which brings us to the creation of the all-metal key, created in the very late 800s by craftsmen from England. Indeed, in places like Ancient Rome, possessing a lock was something only the rich or influential could afford. Rich Romans of the time often kept their keys as a kind of necklace which was also a symbol of status as it signified that one had treasures or valuables worth keeping.

Then, with the advance of time, came warded locks that made it possible for the creation of a master key in a household and a limited key for lesser servants.


Locks of Today

In this day and age, locks are pretty much commonplace. After all, no one wants their valuables in plain sight of suspicious persons. With the invention of the modern lock as well as new and more complicated locks like electronic and digital locks it’s of no question how much we cherish our privacy as well as the things we like to keep private. And with the introduction of locks and locksmiths, one can consider the creation of the lock a turning point in human history, and that history might not have played out the way it did without them.


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