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Lock Change Kitchener

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Lock Change Kitchener

Lock Change Kitchener

Lock Change Kitchener protects and serves Kitchener, ON and surrounding areas with complete locksmith services and 15+ years’ experience as mobile locksmiths, ensuring a professional lock change any time, day or night. For fast and friendly service we provide up front pricing and expert technicians who are licensed bonded and insured, serving you with a 30 min response and up front pricing so you’ll be safe and secure in no time. You can rely on Lock Change Kitchener for professional and reliable 24/7 locksmith service at competitive prices.

We provide Lock Change Kitchener services 24-7 to give assistance and solutions anywhere in Kitchener area. 866-820-1331

We provide truthful and reliable solutions for every one your needs if you require home, business or auto locksmith care. To be there for you we work night and day every day of the week and holidays anytime you have locksmith service needs!  We operate around the clock and will take your call at any time. Regardless of the hour, we can get to you quickly because we understand the frustration of being locked out. Our locksmith company is a full service locksmith and security solution company. Providing precision security measures that protect the residents and property within your area. For years now we have been the company our customers always know they can trust to be there when they need any type of locksmith service. Our local locksmith is still the best locksmith in this region, with the best prices for locksmith service. Our reputation for excellence is unsurpassed and our availability 24/7 means we are always ready to provide a quick response to every call.

Lock Change Service

When it’s time to secure your home or business quickly with new locks our complete locksmith service will install new locks that are not only attractive but are stronger and more secure than old flimsy or outdated hardware. We bring the new locks and keys to you, install them all to match and key them alike, meaning just one set of keys for all of your locks, and as many copies as you require. If you’re weighed down by a heavy ring of keys, new locks can reduce your burden, often to a single key that opens all doors and locks. Fewer keys is efficient as well as safe!

Besides adding security, a lock change will freshen the exterior of your home and add value. Our reliable and professional locksmiths will replace that old tarnished and outdated knob and deadbolt with a matching set that is stronger and better quality, and in an updated finish.

Lock Change for Greater Security

A new set of locks is your guarantee that you’re the only one with the key to your home or business. Previous tenants, employees, realtors, or builders agents were all able to enter your home or Lock Change Kitchenerbusiness at one time, but new locks will increase your safety and peace of mind as well as upgrade your security.

A rekey of your existing locks can change the tiny pins inside a lock and provide you with a new key, but it isn’t the safest solution in many cases. The tiny springs inside a lock wear out over time, making the lock easier to pick. As you’ve probably noticed, over the years bolts may loosen or no longer line up with strike plates or even enter bolt holes securely, meaning your doors may be opened quickly with less force. An intruder might not need any tools to enter your home or business if this is the case. If your house is older these weak locks are no longer providing you and your family with the level of security that a lock change can provide.

Your old lock may no longer be reliable at all in some situations.

Damage to the intricate mechanism is considered irreparable after an attempted forcible entry, leaving you vulnerable. We are equipped with a variety of new locks and install them quickly with 24/7 locksmith service so that you’re always protected with us.


New Lock Technology

New locks are more secure, with many capable of deterring a criminal with just one glance at a brand name known for invincibility. Lock technology has come a long way, and many pick-proof options exist, as well as keyless lock models that guard your home or business and even alert you to intruders.

Our lock techs are skilled in the latest lock technology and can design and install a security upgrade to a custom keyless entry system, or perhaps your needs include a networked lock system that can be monitored via internet. For even greater security we can install a complete biometric lock system, making your fingerprint your key. Call us to discuss your options, we’re happy to provide answers that fit your needs.


The Best Choice for Your Security

When you’re ready for the most reliable, secure solution for your home or business in the Kitchener, ON and surrounding area, Lock Change Kitchener offers fast and friendly 24/7 locksmith service. Our customers consistently count on our expert technicians with 15+ years experience and mobile locksmiths service providing 30 min response. We are the safe and secure solution and are licensed bonded and insured.


Lock Change Kitchener

Welcome to the Lock Change Kitchener. We’re excited that you’ve decided to use the most trusted locksmith in Ontario. Rain or shine. Night or day. You can depend on Lock Change Kitchener, your Kitchener locksmith. Dedicated to pride in service and customer satisfaction, we have built a reputation for fulfilling our customers’ needs quickly and professionally. Whether you need an auto locksmith, an emergency locksmith or any type of locksmith service, our team of certified locksmiths is reliable, efficient and able to handle your locksmith job or lockout situation in a timely manner. Just call Lock Change Kitchener at 866-820-1331.

Lock Change Kitchener

Lock Change Kitchener is a completely mobile locksmith company.

This means that we will travel to your location to help you with your needs. We can service your home, business, or car with our state-of-the-art locksmith trucks. We can program transponder keys, change locks, install new locks, repair or replace old locks, unlock doors, and so much more. If you’re locked out after a baseball game at Petco Park or your key sunk to the bottom of Kitchener Bay while sailing, we will help you get going again.


We want to help anyone who makes this mistake before someone gets hurt.

If you accidentally lock your loved one in a vehicle, call your local police department, then call Lock Change Kitchener. We will make this call our number one priority and will get there as soon as possible. We know that this can be a scary situation, so call Lock Change Kitchener and get the peace of mind that the best and most trusted locksmith is on the way.


Lock Repair & Replacement Need the locks changed on your Kitchener home or business?

Lock Change Kitchener offers a wide selection of new locks for commercial or residential applications. Our locksmiths can also perform repairs on locks made by the majority of lock manufacturers. If you want a simple, cost effective way to upgrade the security of your home or business, replacing the locks is the first step.


Key Cutting & Re-Keying Need replacement keys for your business or home?

Lock Change Kitchener can cut keys for just about any application. We also offer lock re-keying services, which is a less costly alternative to complete lock replacement.


Key Duplication – A mobile technician can come to you, wherever you are, to fashion a duplicate key for your home. Don’t worry about overpaying because it’s the weekend, off-hours, or a holiday. We’re there when you need us.


Lock Installations – One of the first priorities of owning a new home is often to get a fresh set of locks that former tenants or homeowners can’t access. We know you’re juggling a lot of other priorities right now, so don’t worry about scheduling this task during the limited 9-to-5 hours. We can come out to your home at a moment’s notice.


Service Areas

Locks Repair and Replacement Provide 24 Hour Services to Ontario areas including: Cambridge | Guelph | Kitchener | Waterloo | Hamilton | Waterdown | Caledonia | Burlington | Woodstock | New Hamburg and more..