Kitchener Car Lockout

Kitchener Car Lockout

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Kitchener Car Lockout

Kitchener Car Lockout

Auto lock out.

As one of the more regular calls a locksmith receives they are more than accustomed to these happenings, however for the average person this is not a normal event. When auto lockout occurs there is a standard procedure that a locksmith follows from the moment a call is made.

First they will make sure they are speaking to the to the owner of the vehicle, not any bystander, friend or acquaintance in order to be sure the job is real and no foul play is afoot. When the locksmith arrives be sure to have your identification available so the locksmith can confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle and they will have you sign an authorization form to perform the work.


The locksmith will always quote a price to the customer.

This is usually an estimate since conditions cannot be ascertained by phone and the professional locksmith will be more aware of the necessary steps to take and tools to use when arriving at a job and reviewing the situation.

Always remember that regardless of if services are performed there will be a service charge for the locksmith coming to the scene. As is well known most locksmiths operate twenty four hours a day and a lot of these auto lockouts occur during the evening and early morning hours. In order to provide a convenience of around the clock repair and obviously with keeping in mind fuel costs, the service charge is a normal and nominal fee.

The usual requirements of payment, which can be made with cash, checks or credits cards, are due upon arrival and while the locksmith never assumes anyone will try to leave before paying these incidents do transpire and this method of prepayment is to protect the locksmith and ensure that he or she is paid for the work they will have performed.


Always provide the locksmith a phone number so they are able to reach you if there is any confusion with directions and so they can alert you to their arrival time when they are within the vicinity. If you are using a cell phone that is low on battery and you have a friend or spouse with you, supply this number to the locksmith, as well. If you are alone and your phone loses its charge, look for a gas station or store and ask to use their phone until the locksmith arrives, as most clerk are sympathetic to this type of need. Always be sure to answer the phone because if the locksmith calls back and no one answers they may assume the call is fake and not show up for the job, this is very important to remember.

When supplying the location of you and your vehicle be precise on the streets and block numbers, this will save time for both you and the locksmith to get you on your way.

Correct and accurate information about the make, model and year of your vehicle is necessary for the locksmith so they can be certain to bring the correct tools and replacement parts if needed.

It is highly advisable to let a professional locksmith perform any work needed to be done to stave off any mistakes or additional costs that might be incurred if attempting to do this yourself.


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