Elmira Locksmith Car Opening

Elmira Locksmith Car Opening

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Elmira Locksmith Car Opening

Elmira Locksmith Car Opening

Opening Your Car The Locksmith Way

You’re in it probably everyday making commutes to work, school, pick ups, drop offs, road, even trips to the corner store and the reliability of your vehicle is just as essential as the ability to gain access in to it.

There are times when a person is locked out of their vehicle not merely because keys are lost, but also due to a key breaking, sometimes the keys are left inside of the car or truck and the locks manually close, people have accidentally left keys in the trunk when removing objects and in a moment of normal behavior closed it only to remember that the keys are inside.


Just as there are various tools used by a locksmith, there are also many ways a locksmith opens your vehicle, too, when this happens.

In most cases it takes just about five tools to open a car, from a L tool and J tool, the slim jim, a hooked horizontal linkage tool and a long reach tool, also known as the across the car tool.

Please be sure to keep in mind that all of these tools can cause considerable damage if used in the wrong hands so please refer to and consult with a locksmith for any auto needs.

With the L tool the locksmith is able to access the lock rod by entering underneath the lock handle and also will be able to push or pull on the lock pawls and cranks to open the door.

The J tool allows for going between the window and weather stripping within the door to reach under the lock button to push it up and into the unlocked position.

Many people are aware of the slim jim and its appearance, most even have a basic idea of how they work. While this is an simple but important tool it can, as stated, do much damage to the vehicle and its door unless a trained profession is using it. Using the slim jim the locksmith will insert the instrument into the door and with the cutouts at the bottom push down on the lock pawls.

A hooked horizontal linkage tool allows for the small hook at the end to catch and bind a horizontal rod thus allowing it to move to the unlocked position.

The six foot long and sometimes longer, long reach tool (across the car tool) is useful as it thin enough with a small hook on one end so it has enough room to enter a window on one side of the vehicle and reach across the other letting it unlock the car or truck from the other side.

Locksmiths have techniques from the tried and true that most will make use of to their own unique and different versions when opening a vehicle, but these measures are all for the same end result, to find that bell crank, lock button and vertical and horizontal rods to open your car in a expedient and professional manner that does no harm or do damage to the vehicle.


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