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Dundas Better Locks Better Security

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Dundas Better Locks Better Security

Dundas Better Locks Better Security

Better Locks Means Fewer Risks and Cheaper Insurance

Do you know what types of locks are fitted on your doors at home? If you do not, you share that in common with the majority of homeowners in Canada. Most people just presume that their existing locks are up to safety standards, but this assumption can be painfully shattered if they are forced to make a claim on their home insurance.

Insurers are often strict in their conditions for home insurance, and buried in the small print on a policy document there can be detailed specifications of exactly what they require in terms of home security. If these conditions are not met, the insurer may say that any claim on the policy is invalid, possibly leaving the homeowner with a bill for thousands of pounds.


It is common for insurers to insist on “Canadian safety standard” locks, and in particular a strong mortice lock for the front door.

When asked about this as part of a huge policy form, these are exactly the kind of thing homeowners may be unsure about, and might simply tick ‘yes’ and move on without thinking about it.

You can of course tick ‘no’ to be on the safe side if you don’t know, but the consequence will be that the only cover you will be able to get will come with a high premium. Insurance nowadays is a risk-averse industry, so if your home isn’t as secure as it could be, the provider will expect a high price to take on that risk.


Part of the problem is that unless the house in question is a new build and all the specifications are readily available, it can be hard to actually find out what type of locks are installed.

Identifying locks requires expert knowledge and you may even need to remove the lock to discover what it is, so calling in a locksmith to take a look for you can pay dividends when it comes to getting the best insurance policy.

If you find your locks are old and outdated, it may well be cost-effective to get the locksmith to take out the locks and replace them with new ones that meet all the necessary requirements and safety standards. Although you have the initial expense of paying the locksmith fees, you could actually end up saving money if you get significantly cheaper insurance as a result. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that your locks are as safe and secure as they possibly can be from burglars and thieves.


Finally, it is worth noting that some insurers will turn down claims regardless of whether you have the correct locks, in cases where burglars get in through an open window or due to some other basic security lapse. In such cases you can appeal to the authorities, but depending on your policy they might not necessarily rule in your favour. This is why as well as being aware of your locks, you also need to be aware of the general precautions you need to take to safeguard your home at all times.


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