24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith

24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith

24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith

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24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith, Sometimes life happens and you find yourself locked out of your car, home or office with no clue what to do especially if you have an important meeting coming up or it is at night. Your days of worrying are now over as Locksmith South Western Ontario is AAA 24 hour Kitchener locksmith offer superb emergency services guaranteed to evacuate you from any situation. We are locally based and operate 24 hours-7 days a week and are therefore able to assist whenever and wherever you are stuck in Kitchener, Ontario.

Emergency 24/7 Kitchener Locksmith

All you need to do is call our emergency Kitchener locksmith team, have a professional respond and reach your location in 15 minutes only. The level of insecuri24 Hour Kitchener Locksmithty in Kitchener and all over the world has drastically increased. For example, there have been cases of people robbed, beaten raped and even killed while stranded at night after coming from a club and realizing they have lost their car keys. This is very unfortunate and that is why at Locksmith South Western Ontario is AAA Kitchener 24 Hour Locksmith we make it our mission to protect you and your property when need and as soon as possible.


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Many people equate emergencies as being stranded at night in the middle of nowhere but being locked out of your office or house early in the morning is a big emergency that requires fast action from us. Businesses must never stall and we will come and open your office/home door without damaging it and further expenses for you.

As we said earlier, life happens. We will be there for you if you are facing evictions or foreclosures as these are situations that also need fast response. Place a call to us and we will be there to help and relieve some of the pressure. That said, we have thousands of clients who have referred us to their friends and families thanks to the great emergency locksmith services that we offer. We happen to be the largest group of 24 Hour locksmiths serving Kitchener and Kitchener, Ontario, have experts in all locksmith areas that you might need our assistance. We are always available to answer all your questions and address your concerns so do not hesitate to call us.


     Emergency Locksmith Kitchener


24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith is a 24-hour locksmith company providing fast, affordable emergency locksmith services to all of Kitchener. Are you locked out, or facing some other urgent problem with your locks or keys? Don’t wait to call us! We have a team of dispatchers by the line at all hours, ready to take your call and send the nearest expert locksmith to you. No voicemail and no waiting around on hold, no matter how late at night. Our team takes your safety very seriously, and we’ll waste no time in solving your problem.

What’s your emergency? We can help!24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith

There are many reasons that you might need urgent help from a locksmith. Getting locked out is the most common. In fact, this is the most common reason that people call locksmiths in Kitchener! If you’ve lost the key to your home or car, or locked it inside, you might be stuck outside until an emergency locksmith comes to open the door for you. In these situations, you need fast help from a professional you can trust.


Keys can also break off inside the lock, or even in the ignition of your car. In this case, unless you can easily pull the broken piece out with your fingers, you should also call a locksmith. Never try to pull it out by force – this can damage the lock! Of course, even if you can get it out on your own, you might still need a locksmith to open the door for you or make a new key.

The locksmiths at 24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith are experts in solving all these problems and more! We specialize in fast, affordable locksmith service. Our technicians will easily open your door, extract broken keys, and make replacement keys. They can also repair broken locks, and replace them immediately if you’ve just suffered a break-in.

How our locksmiths work

Our team uses all topnotch, cutting-edge equipment to solve your problems on the spot. We make a point of opening your door quickly and efficiently, causing minimal damage to the door. Their first move is to try and pick the lock. If this is impossible, they can drill it open, and then repair or replace it if necessary. All our team members are friendly and supportive, and will consult you on every step of the process.

In case of car lockout, we use air wedges and long reach tools to unlock the car from the inside. This modern method is fast and prevents damage to your vehicle’s electric system.

What to do while you wait

The most important thing to do in a lockout situation is not to try to solve the problem by yourself! An untrained attempt to pick your lock is likely to cause serious damage, which is much more costly and troublesome to fix than your original problem. People sometimes try to break the door or a window, but even if that’s successful, you now have twice the problem: an expensive repair job (much more than the locksmith’s fee), and your home is wide open to burglars! So just leave this one to the professionals.

While you wait for the locksmith to come let you in, take care of your own safety. Be especially vigilant if it’s at night. Stay in a well-lit area, but within sight of your door so you know when the locksmith arrives. Keep your cellphone at hand. You can talk on your phone (or pretend to), since potential muggers will probably leave you alone if they think you have a friend on the line. If there’s harsh weather, seek shelter, while still keeping an eye on your car or door.

Fortunately, with 24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith, you shouldn’t have to wait very long! We match all callers to the nearest available technician using an innovative computer program, so we can reach anyone within 15 minutes on average.

Why choose 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener?

There’s a reason we’re known as the most reliable emergency locksmith provider in Kitchener – several of them, in fact!

  • We operate 24/7, including holidays, and in all weather
  • We are the fastest in the business, both in response time and work speed
  • All our locksmiths are fully licensed, certified and insured
  • Affordable rates for all services
  • We are fully mobile and can reach you anywhere in Kitchener Ontario

Check out our reviews to hear more about our quality work and friendly customer service. Better yet, contact us with your questions!

Call 24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith for 24/7 Lock services

We provide all Locksmith service that you will ever need. If you are in need of 24 hour emergency lock out service for your home, automobile, or  business, we are ready and able to help you at any hour of any day. If you need any standard services like installation, maintenance, and/or repair, we  can certainly accommodate you as well. We have been servicing this community for a while now and we are certainly good at what we do! If you need a professional, courteous, and dependable in Kitchener, we are here for you.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Lockouts

We can respond to your location and have you back inside your home, vehicle, or business in 15-30 minutes or less. Our receptionists can locate the  nearest technician and dispatch him to your location almost immediately! Because all of our expert technicians also live in the same community and have state of the art GPS, you will have no fear of them getting lost or not knowing the city.

It can be frustrating to be locked out of your vehicle, home, or business, especially after normal business hours. That is why we pride ourselves on our 24 hour service  schedule. You can call us at noon or midnight – we will be able to respond quickly and professionally no matter when you call.

  • Commercial and Residential Lockouts

When you think of our 30 minute service time on lock outs, do not just think of our automotive service. We can get you back into your  home or business too. We can extract broken keys and repair or replace cylinders. If you fear your keys may be stolen, we can install a  brand new high security locks system.


Discount Locksmith Kitchener have the best trained, certified, and courteous staff in the business. You will receive nothing but kindness and professionalism from  our receptionists and our technicians. Our prices are extremely competitive and we will match or beat any other advertised price – there are never any hidden fees or charges either. We are available 24 Hours in your help Contact Us any time.

24 Hour Kitchener Locksmith Our services also include:  New Hamburg Locksmith

  • Any and all 24 hour emergencies
  • Car, home, or business lockouts
  • Newly made car keys
  • Rekeys and lock changes
  • Mailbox and storage shed lockouts, locks, and keys
  • Lock maintenance and replacement
  • Tenant lockouts or lock changes
  • And many, many more

When you have a Kitchener Locksmith need, we have the correct answer!

Call (866) 820-1331 24 Hour Locksmith Southwestern Ontario

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